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This post is going to be a little different. I have several abandoned WIPs that are under 100 words, so I figured I'd post them all together.

The OC - Summer/Anna story (WIP)
Written 1/2/05. 48 words.

While I don't quite know where I was going with this, I'm guessing I was maybe going to attempt porn? It would've been my first try at it, I believe, if I'd actually continued this.

Mini abandoned WIP #1 )


The OC - Dead!Marissa story
Written 3/17/05. 41 words.

The title of this kind of makes me laugh, because I'm a bad person. Again, no idea where this was going.

Mini abandoned WIP #2 )


For Desire's Sake
The OC. Written 4/21/05. 72 words.

This one has an actual title! Which kind of makes me wish it had gone somewhere, but oh well. Ends in the middle of a sentence. I labeled this as "anti-Seth/Summer," which is pretty much the only sort of pairing I intended for it.

Mini abandoned WIP #3 )


HP - Mary Evans isn't very hard to find
Written 5/21/05. 117 words.

I'm kind of cheating with this one, as it's slightly over 100 words, but I don't think it deserves its own post, so here it is. This is based on a dream I had wherein the Trio goes to talk to Lily's mother and she tells them all this stuff about Harry's parents and the Marauders and I'm not really sure what happens after that. Obviously, it's totally not canon-compliant, which I realized later (since Harry has no living grandparents). I think that's why I stopped writing it. Also, these notes are probably longer than this WIP. *facepalm*

Mini abandoned WIP #4 )


The OC - The dreams start that first night
Written 5/24/05. 88 words.

Sometimes when I don't know what to save something as before it's done, I just use the first sentence. This was going to be Ryan/Seth, though I have no idea if it was going to be requited or not.

Mini abandoned WIP #5 )


Harry Potter - Untitled - 3-parter (H/C, gen H POV abt Sirius, & H/D)
Written 1/7/06. 30 words.

As you can see, my ambitions for this one far exceeded what actually came of it. I don't remember anything about it, so the 'title' is really the best indication of where it was going.

Mini abandoned WIP #6 )


bandslash - post-2007 carling festival gen fic
Written 8/29/07. 32 words.

The title says it all.

Mini abandoned WIP #7 )


untitled panic wip
Written 9/1/08. 113 words.

This is also kind of cheating, since it's just over 100 words, but close enough. It was going to eventually be Ryan/Brendon, and the break-up at the beginning is Ryan & Keltie's break-up, as I started writing this before that happened IRL.

Mini abandoned WIP #8 )

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