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dog!Pete version 3
Written 5/16/09-7/12/09, 658 words.

Bandom - gen. A couple days after I rewrote the beginning, I decided to rewrite this fic altogether and started over from the beginning again. As you can see, I didn't get very far. It devolves into summary and notes at the end. Though I like some of the later scenes in the first version, this is by far my favorite beginning.

Abandoned FOB WIP )
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dog!Pete version 2
Written 5/10/09, 621 words.

Bandom - gen. I completely rewrote the beginning of this, partly because I no longer liked it and partly because I thought it should all be Pete's POV. In the document, I had then pasted in the rest of what I'd written so far, but since I just posted that I'm not going to do that here. At this point, I was thinking that this might turn out Pete/Joe or Pete/Patrick/Joe in the end.

Abandoned FOB WIP )
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pete as a dog fic
Written fall 2007 - 5/28/09, 1977 words.

Bandom - currently gen, intended to turn out Pete/Patrick in the end (which I never wrote). This is the first of three attempts to write this fic before I gave up. There are holes and scenes missing, and my notes are at the bottom. This version takes place in some indescriminate time after the Young Wild Things Tour, when that was still the future, and Ashlee doesn't exist. This was also an exercise in FOB characterization for me, since I'd never really written them before.

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Title: The Real Estate AU
Author: [ profile] wordsaremyfaith
Fandom: Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Hush Sound
Pairings: Pete/Ryan, Patrick/Brendon, Jon/Spencer, Joe/Greta
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 10,917
Disclaimer: I do not know these people, this never happened, I am making no money off of anything.
A/N: So I'm just going to say right now, this fic is kind of a big deal for me. It took two months to write and one month to sit on and wait for a title to come (obviously, one never did), and it's by far the longest thing I've ever written, fanfic or original. This is something I wrote just for me, for fun. I'm sharing it because people have expressed interest, but please bear in mind that there are still parts I'd work on if I cared to work on it anymore.

So! This is, in fact, an AU in which one or more characters work(s) in real estate. Though I attempted to do research on real estate, all I could find were people trying to sell me houses. I've never bought a house myself, so I hope this sounds right. If not, apologies. I did my best. The real estate part is really, really not the point of the story, anyway.

There are lots of people who need to be thanked for this! I shall put them behind a cut for your reading convenience.

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Without further ado, The Real Estate AU )
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Game Night (multiband)
Written 6/25/07. 3053 words (1172 of actual fic).

Bandslash, a million pairings which include pretty much all bandom bands as of 2007. This started as comment fic between me and [ profile] seanarenay, on a post of hers with a poll about who from bandom is probably good at math/likes math, IIRC. Then I started actually writing it, but I saved the comment fic at the beginning, so that's about half (or more) of this. Sadly, I don't remember whose comments were whose at this point, so I guessed, but as it's been over two years now, I could be completely wrong (I also might've broken them up wrong, but I did my best). Sorry if any of that is confusing.

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