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Title: Bark the Words
Author: [ profile] wordsaremyfaith
Pairing(s): gen
Warnings: None.
Summary: Joe’s not on any of the other buses, which Nick figured, since they’ve been driving all night. Still, it would’ve made more sense than any alternative Nick can see.

Kevin says, "This is impossible, right? He can’t really be…” He gestures to the dog with his head, slightly.

“No way,” Nick says firmly. He turns to look at the dog, who wags its tail at him happily. “I mean, do you think… no, that’s ridiculous.”

“Are you Joe?” Kevin asks the puppy. He catches the look Nick’s giving him and says, “What? We’ve already tried everything else. It doesn’t hurt to ask.”

Or, crack!fic in which Joe becomes a St. Bernard puppy one morning on tour and Nick is the most longsuffering. The image I had in my head of puppy!Joe in this is based on this picture, only a bit bigger and with fluffier paws.
Word Count: 5379
Disclaimer: I do not know these people, this never happened, I am making no money off of anything.
A/N: Belated birthday fic for [ profile] pressdbtwnpages! Happy birthday; I'm sorry I'm the latest ever. Uh, at least it's still April? ♥♥♥
Thanks to: [ profile] chilisock, who listened to me whine about this fic, read snippets and cheered me on, and gave me too many ideas to count, as well as writing one of the lines. I could not have finished this without her. ♥
[ profile] sayingwhatiam, [ profile] xcarex and [ profile] inthenameofjuc all did excellent jobs betaing this for me! Their help was also invaluable.

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