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Supernatural - Phobia fic
Written 10/25/06. 95 words.

Gen. Written during season 1, not sure where I was going.

Abandoned Supernatural WIP )
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in your love (my salvation lies)
Written 6/3/06. 222 words.

Queer as Folk (US), Brian/Justin. Title taken from "Orange Sky" by Alexi Murdoch.

Abandoned QAF WIP )
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Xover Everwood/GG, Lane/Madison
Written 6/8/04. 911 words.

This is the second fic I started for the TV crossover challenge. I don't know why I was all about the random femslash, but there you go! I always really wanted to finish this one, too, but I just never did, and five years later, there's no way I'm going to. Also, there's one spot where it just says ______ in the text, because that was a place name I was going to come up with later.

Abandoned Gilmore Girls/Everwood WIP )
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Xover - Dawson's/OC - Jen/Summer
Written 5/23/04. 701 words.

I know, my WIP titles are so creative. Someone was running a TV crossover challenge in summer '04 and I stupidly signed up to write 2 fics, but didn't finish either. This is the first; I haven't reread it since then other than skimming it to post, but I'm pretty sure I disagree with my own Seth characterization, at the very least. /o\

Abandoned OC/Dawson's Creek WIP )

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